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Recently, a product or service supervisor distracting himself from his damaged heart with sexting, medications, and creative authorship classes: 29, straight, solitary, Bushwick, item manager at a startup.

time ONE

6:30 a.m.

I wake up and force me to go for a brief and unpleasant run. I am in a lot even worse shape than I found myself whenever I existed on western Coast — too much ingesting, drugging, and partying on weeknights in nyc.

7 a.m.

Contemplating my ex, as always. We were collectively for a year . 5; she broke up with me personally 2 months after I transferred to New York become together with her, saying I found myself “emotionally unavailable”. As we split I went on an outright tear — I slept with seven women in eight months, mainly one-night stands, and merely normally attempted to distract from my sadness as much as possible. It most likely wasn’t the best reaction, but I’d instead be miserable and slutty than miserable and celibate.

1 p.m.

I text L., my personal present hookup pal, to see if she wants to go out this evening. I became yes L. was a bot as I paired together on Tinder — the woman sole photograph ended up being the woman topless with emojis covering the woman erect nipples. But she had been actual, therefore’ve already been screwing like hell recent weeks.

2 p.m.

Not long ago I got in slightly problems at work for slacking down excessively (i am something manager at a tech startup), therefore I’ve been functioning extra difficult of late. Plus it in fact feels very good!

2:30 p.m.

L. tells me she really wants to see me tonight and that I react by advising her I’ve been obsessively viewing the sex tape we made a couple weeks before. However wonder if “intercourse tape” is an outdated phase, since we’re all shooting on all of our devices today. It most likely is, but i can not consider anything better.

8 p.m.

Resting into the fiction-writing course we started accepting an impulse after my break up. As I very first opted i decided to be scoping it out for adorable females, but there is only 1 sweet girl for the course, along with her authorship is really terrible that i possibly could not be into the girl.

11 p.m.

Over at L.’s location. She generally desires really crude gender — choking, slapping, bossing the woman about, etc. — but we have both had lengthy days and neither of us are really experiencing it, so we have a rather vanilla extract quickie instead.

11:30 p.m.

From the time my personal ex said I happened to be as well mentally closed off i have been creating a mindful work to be as open as possible with everybody in my existence, so when L. requires me exactly how my personal day had been, I actually tell the lady rather than claiming it actually was fine. Which could perhaps not appear to be much, but it’s a big deal in my situation.

time pair

7 a.m.

I have a story due in class a few weeks that We haven’t had the capacity to make the journey to, thus I wake-up early and just take an Adderall to pound some of it out. I’ve a love/hate connection with Adderall and try not to ever just take an excessive amount of it. It will help a lot more with writing fiction than it can with less-creative work.

11 a.m.

Adderall helps make me insatiably aroused, therefore I’m sexting from utilize H., that’s already been my on-again, off-again sexting pal (and periodic real-life hookup lover) for five years. We met on OkCupid, back when which was nevertheless cool. Hard to believe I had a sexting friend for one half 10 years — in a few ways it’s the longest union I ever had.

My personal union with sexting will get quite addictive oftentimes — my personal all-natural desire is always to distract me from unpleasant feelings whenever feasible, whether through intercourse, medicines, or whatever else is available. I have obtained a lot better at becoming present since I have started meditating five years in the past, but there is still a long way to go.

10 p.m.

Puffing a combined during sex and browsing partners on Feeld. I have had several threesomes and foursomes in the past and in the morning attempting to explore that area of my self a lot more. Thus far I generated ideas with two lovers and they’ve both ghosted myself at the last second. I suspect it is fairly usual for partners to think they would like to invite some other person in and then understand on eleventh hour which they’d somewhat keep that a fantasy.

time THREE

6:30 a.m.

Up before my personal alarm goes off, again.

6:45 a.m.

We push myself to visit the fitness center. I am naturally extremely skinny, which includes the upsides (eating whatever Needs) and drawbacks (being required to exercise plenty to appear also moderately fit).

9 a.m.

On the L train, i do believe about how happy i’m the somewhat nerdy appearance is hot in 2019. If this was 1980, I would personally end up being means less successful with females.

1 p.m.

During lunch with a college ex, she tells me that I am not a good person to casually date: “You’re difficult and moody, so if there isn’t a large benefit right at the end it’s not worth every penny.” She nevertheless understands me so well.

4 p.m.

I have a book from A., some one I’ve recently started seeing, which I came across at a summertime arts camp many years right back. She’s what she thinks is a UTI, so she is regarding commission. I am weirdly anxious to inquire of if she still desires to go out — getting denied as a friend would damage way more than becoming declined as a sex companion. Besides, A. is actually intimidatingly cool. She fell away from senior high school in order to become a stand-up comedian, and she is high, androgynous, and sealed in tattoos.

4:30 p.m.

A. claims she is delighted we nevertheless wish to go out and in addition that she’s on doctor’s workplace and therefore the woman UTI might actually be chlamydia. We have usually used a condom, so I’m not as concerned, but offered just how promiscuous i am recently this might


be a good time to need to get in touch with all of my personal present lovers.

8 p.m.

At your home and packing up my personal material — i am moving in with a friend in some weeks. Residing by yourself was actually great whenever my girl was actually over-all the full time, the good news is that i am unmarried it’s not worth the rate advanced. Undoubtedly, residing alone is better for online dating, but it is perhaps not $800/month better.


11 a.m.

My routine once a week phone call using my parents. My personal commitment together features become much better since I have’ve internalized the reality that I’m a grown guy and that continuously rebelling against all of them ceased being cool about ten years ago. Plus, they’re pleased that I moved closer to residence.

3 p.m.

Annoyed and exploring Tinder. My method of Tinder is amazingly idle: we pay money for the upgrade where you could see which likes you, and then merely pick from those.

I normally enjoy internet dating — there’s something fun about fulfilling new-people, even if they suck — but after my preliminary post-breakup binge dressed in off You will findn’t been able in order to get into it. Everybody else pales compared to my personal ex. Besides, now that You will find a few normal gender associates the effort/reward ratio of dating is not worthwhile most of the time.

My ex and I have replaced a few email messages since splitting up, but beyond that individuals have not been up-to-date. It’s still also natural. I’ve displayed a unique quantity of self-discipline in maybe not stalking her internet based anyway.

11 p.m.

On my strategy to a party at a co-worker’s spot. I’ve stayed right here for 6 months and I nonetheless can’t get over exactly how hot every person in nyc is actually. I would personally bang every individual in this town.

1 a.m.

Doing coke in a person’s bedroom with work colleagues whom instantly pegged myself as a fellow medication person. I never been what into coke, but it is almost everywhere in nyc.

2 a.m.

House from the celebration whenever L. invites myself over. I hesitantly inform the lady i have completed excess coke to find someone to fuck tonight. In my opinion i have found reasonable to do less medications.


10 a.m.

Morning meditation. This was previously a daily thing for me personally, but i have been sliding recently, and that I’m trying to rededicate my self to my training this month.

11 a.m.

Sexting with H. once more. The sexts usually stick to the same pattern: multiple quick texts and photographs, perhaps a video clip or two, right after which we observe both finish on FaceTime.

11:30 a.m.

A. and that I are still trying and failing woefully to find a time to meet. I find me taking into consideration the final time we fucked — correct while I ended up being near, she appeared myself in sight and said in the future on her behalf, that I thought was actually pretty brazen trained with was just the second time we might slept collectively. Recently i am actually into exploring people’s vision while having sex, although it’s just a random hookup. Plainly I’m craving closeness.

2 p.m.

At L.’s for another quickie before she will leave on a weeklong visit to Spain. She loves becoming dominated, therefore of late I’ve been carrying this out thing where we push this lady to the woman legs while making her start offering me head the 2nd we head into the entranceway. Usually i will enter into the dom stuff, but there is constantly just a little part of myself that feels like i am in an improv troupe, playing a cheesy personality.

10 p.m.

Slow rest of the time. I manage my part for fiction course and fall asleep smoking weed and seeing

Adventure Opportunity.

time SIX

11 a.m.

Checking out in regards to the brand-new abortion restrictions in Mississippi and Alabama. I managed to get somebody expecting a short while ago and took the girl for an abortion, and that I’ve been debating claiming anything about it openly for a time now. In my opinion it needs to be on males also to dicuss around about their abortion encounters. But I am not sure how to do so without appearing for some reason performative.

2 p.m.

Minimal meetings at the office today, and that’s uncommon. We alternate between obtaining circumstances done and contemplating my personal ex.

4 p.m.

Annoyed and Tindering. Let me maintain another connection in the course of time, but i am aware I’m not prepared yet, so for the time being I’m being pretty open about merely desiring anything casual — my personal Tinder bio is “Running as quickly as I can on the hedonic treadmill machine.”

8 p.m.

“women’ night” with my friend E., which basically means booze, coke, and gossip. E. is a buddy from school plus the partner of a single of my personal nearest buddies — i am the one that launched them, which sometimes is like my many important accomplishment on this Earth at this point. We largely talk about my ex and exactly how poorly I’m nonetheless in love with the girl.

12:30 a.m.

In bed and

Tindering again.

Precisely why was I also doing this?

time SEVEN

8:30 a.m.

We wake-up hungover and dash into workplace, with a fast stop for a bagel and cream cheese on the way. Having on weeknights will not accept me, as well as the coke most likely didn’t help both.

10 a.m.

Text from A. ends up she doesn’t have chlamydia, some strange non-STwe infection. Great begin to a single day. I’ve currently got chlamydia once and would not want to read that again.

8 p.m.

Using my pal B. at this comedy program in which two strangers continue a blind date before a gathering. Its unwatchably poor, one of several worst programs I ever before seen. But also a show this bad is enough to create myself miss my ex. I think that once you’ve been actually in deep love with some one, some section of you continues to be deeply in love with all of them permanently.

11 p.m.

We go to sleep sober the very first time in four times, still contemplating my personal ex …

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